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Infinity Lawn and Garden | Country Stone

Company Store

 This store is for the sole use of Infinity Lawn & Garden | Country Stone Company employees

 to order high quality apparel or to purchase* logo branded items.

 *Please be aware of what your individual spending budget is before ordering. Anything over your budget, will need to be charged to your personal credit card.

  n O R D E R I N G    I N S T R U C T I O N S    n

 When you place an order you will be asked if it is for personal or business use.

If personal, you will need to provide credit card information.

If this is for business use, you will need to provide a reason for the order, who the items will go to, purpose of the gift, etc.

Each Divisional or Branch Sales Manager has been assigned a budget for the store.  When a business order is placed, the order will be forwarded to the Divisional or Branch Sales Manager for approval.

You will be notified when the order is approved or denied and when the order ships.

 When placing orders, please be conscious of several things:

  • The availability of the items
  • The value of the items you are sending within that client base.  Some items are more expensive than others and would only warrant to be sent to individuals with a higher level of status within that company.  Any item over $10.00 should only be used for key decision makers.  Lower level contacts should be given the lesser value merchandise.
  • The products will be shipped from Columbus, Ohio and we want to avoid rush shipping charges, so please think ahead and do not place your orders at the last minute.
  • The products will be shipped from Columbus, Ohio and we want to avoid rush shipping charges, so please think ahead and do not place your orders at the last minute.

If you have any questions regarding the store,

please fill out the site’s contact form

and your questions will be answered as promptly as possible.

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